How To Remove Ripoff Reports?

Hey Guys,

Can anyone tell me how can i remove Ripoff Reports Negative Comments from Google SERP. I have already done many directory, social bookmarking submission, business profiles, social media profiles for my site, but still the Ripoff Report link is on first of Google SERP. what steps i can take to get down this reports from first position of Google SERP… :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

You can’t remove anything from Google. If the page is on your own site, you could of course remove it from the web—which would eventually remove it from Google—but I doubt that’s the case here.

Is there any other way to get better rank to my site, i ve already done, directory, social bookmarking, articles, forums, blog comments, link building … but still not able to go up from that Ripoff Report…

You can only get positive feedback and go on with doing your stuff and doing it right.

The thing is… why did you get a Ripoff report? Because in order to minimize is damage, you need to know the real cause. It is a completely different subject if you had it because you didn’t behave too properly in your business than if someone wrote a false complain or were paid to damage your site.

I find the first situation easier to deal with than the second.

I agree with molona. First thing on my list would be to fix, find, and do everything in you power to not make the same mistakes you did to get the report written about you. It does’t matter what line of business you’re in, if you don’t do the job you say you’ll do you’ll never last. Now assuming you’ve done that. Start to create some incentives for your customers to go on and write positive reviews about your business. You need to combat the bad review with REAL (not fake) reviews. And keep building links because they will pay off.

Just continue what your doing (social media, bookmarking and articles) it will eventually remove the rip off, it really needs a hardwork, I also have the same issue before, but now it all paid off after working really hard.

I have read about it on the web that, Ripoff Report in July 2010 announced a program called “VIP Arbitration” which has the stated purpose of offering victims of false reports a new way to clear their names. According to the site, the arbitration program involves private, third party arbitrators which are paid to review disputed reports and render decisions about their accuracy. Although Ripoff Report is well-known for its refusal to remove reports, the site now explains: “Any statements of fact that the arbitrator determines to be false will be redacted from the original report.” The site has also posted an updated FAQ page with an additional discussion of the arbitration program. The page includes links to examples of how reports look after being submitted to the program.
I think; you get the answer for the query.