How to Remove or edit virtual Robots.txt file in word press?

I have word press blog whenever i try to access robots.txt file from url address there is a virtual robots.txt file but there is no robots.txt file in root.How can i remove virtual Robots.tcxt file?

You can create robots.txt file with customizations needed and web server will serve that instead of WordPress virtual one.

You can simply go to your web hosting and then file manager, open the domain files and in those files inside your domain, you will find robots.txt.

If you don’t have it, you can create it right away.

If you have it there, simply click on the file and there is an option to edit it.

Edit it and save and you should see the changes rightaway.

thanks for replying.Now i can edit robots.txt file in word press

you can also edit on wordpress seo plugin if you have installed one

The robot.txt file should be in your website root folder and you can manually edit it and also wordpress plugins are available by which you can easily edit the robot.txt file.