How to remove bad links from word press 4.61 version?

I want to remove bad links/broken links from wordpress using plugin. I found different kind of bad links in my website**( i.e. ​/apple-touch-icon-precomposed.png & ​/wp-content​/uploads​/2016​/10​/download-ssa-assam-tet-ctet-notification-2016.pdf).** It is difficult to me to remove these kind of links. Please suggest me best tool to remove bad links for 4.6.1 version.

What do you mean by bad/broken links? The examples you give look like the kind of URLs which appear in my 404 log, and which have never existed on my site. I’ve always assumed they are the result of some kind of nefarious activity. As the links have never existed, I see no need to attempt to take action. You can’t prevent people requesting non-existent pages.

thank you for giving reply, i have just mentioned the example of few kind of bad links, i found nearly 170+ bad links in my website, it is difficult me to remove all those links, so i am searching for best plugin to remove bad links.

Where are these links appearing? If these are incoming links to content which you have moved or deleted, then redirecting the old URL to the most appropriate new URL would be your best approach.

If these are simply people trying to access content which has never existed on your site, you can safely ignore them.

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