How to register custom nameservers


I’ve just taken a dedicated server with a UK hosting company. I want to set up custom nameservers such that when I host client websites on this server I point their nameservers to: and

So I’ve registered ‘’ through Heart Internet. However, I’ve asked Heart to register the nameservers for this domain and they want to charge £50 for doing this. Is this something that needs to be done by an official registrar as an extra step to registering the domain name, or is it literally just a case of adding two custom A records onto that domain? If the latter, then I can do this myself through the Heart control panel, but I want to get this right before I go trying anything like that.

If anyone could advise and explain, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks all!

I think you should login to domain management console and set the child nameservers.
I hope you have got dedicated IPs with dedicated server.

Good luck