How to "register" article in Google?

Hi all,

is there any way to register article in Google as your own and unique? Howto handle a situation where:

  • siteA publishes the article first (my site)
  • siteB steals it soon afterwards

Google visits the sites in reverse order (siteB gets visited first and G indexes the article from siteB). Am I banned for duplicate content here and am I the victim here?


Google is not a registration service. It’s merely a search engine that lists and rates web content according to its own algorithm. Contrary to the hopes of many web owners, they are not the focus of search engines. The people who initiate the searches are the end-users and thus are Google’s focus. Your author protection comes through copyright law. Your recourse is to add a copyright to the original and when it is abused, file a DMCA with Google and the thief’s web host.

What I would do is look into structured data to mark-up your pages for Google in an easier to look format. Even if your content gets stolen, your pages would likely rank better than competitors and will stand out better. As far as “registering” :slight_smile: the closest you can come to is Google Webmaster tools. Register your site, submit a sitemap and this will ensure that Google crawls it first.

Actually, that is not correct. If the ‘stealing’ competitor has submitted their site first, Google will probably crawl their site first. Additionally, Google says that you don’t need to submit your site (although I always do anyway). When Google crawls your site or attributes content to you depends a lot on the ‘authority’ Google believes your site has via its algorithm.

At any rate, I’m moving this thread to Internet marketing as it is not about content, but rather about SEO.


It’s been said here many times, but it’s worth repeating:

Google will not ban you for duplicate content.