How to reduce page loading time?

One my blog post was taking too much time to load (on that page i have added youtube video) and that’s have 2000 words. Please help me to reduce my site load time.

Try searching for lazy load YouTube or video.

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Have you got a link to your site?

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Link please. We can’t really talk about it if we don’t actually see the blog post.

Anyway, there are a ton of factors why websites load slowly, like:

  • Having multiple high definition pictures on a single page.
  • Too much content on a single page. Try dividing blog posts into several pages (it helps reduce bounce rate too!)
  • Other web dev issues I have zero knowledge of :smiley:

If your website doesn’t load completely after three seconds in a 2mbps connection, it’s doomed.


Thanks Brother for the brief information about this issue. Really admired. :two_men_holding_hands:

Ya Sure…

Simply analyze your URL on google page speed or on gtmatrix tool. You will get your answer with proper analysis of your web page.

Try to reduce the size of the images and upload it in the website.

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