How to reduce bounce rate and increase more traffic on the blog?

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As a blogger, its one of our goals to try to reduce our blog’s bounce rate. So what are technique through which we can use to reduce bounce rate ???"

Well the technique consists of basically putting out original quality content and optimizing it for the right keywords.
I don’t think there’s any magical formula to reduce bounce rate but use analytics and check where users are coming from, what searches they are doing and if those are your target keywords then focus on improving content quality.

There are several things you can do:

  1. Make sure the your content is top-notch quality. You need to give people a good reason to stay on the site and keep coming back to it.

  2. Have a good, clear design that is visually pleasing, makes the text easy to read and gives obvious navigation to help people find their way around the rest of the site.

  3. Make it clear what else your site offers, so that whatever page they land on, there’s a reason for them to explore.

  4. Look at your visitor logs, and see if there’s a pattern to bouncing visitors. Are your bouncers spread evenly across the site and entry routes? Or do some pages have a much higher bounce rate than others? Do people being referred from particular sites or for particular search terms have a much higher bounce rate? If the answer is yes then you need to look at why those people in particular are not seeing a reason to stay on the site.

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there is no shortcut to reduce bounce rate.
quality content always attract visitors, with genuine content makes your visitors to stay on your page for long time.
look at keywords use by visitors to find out your blog and work on it.


Remember ‘first impression is the last impression’ so you need to have a good site architecture in the first place. The look of your site can force visitors to stay.
-Relevant content
-Reduce page loading speed
-Good internal linking structure
-Analyze bounce rate(use Google analytics)
-Find what search terms people are using to find your site
-Gain quality links from authority sites
-Proper URL
-Optimize 404 pages

I don’t believe this was mentioned but what really helped me was the plug-in : Linked Within. Offering relevant posts to your users will keep them on your site for longer. People are lazy and need you to lay out what they should see next.

Hope that helps!

There is no any quick formula to reduce bounce rate .You must focus on your contents, keywords means less competitive and more searchable .And always try and analyze goggle analytics.

If you want your visitors to stay on your site for a long time so you have to make your site or blog structure user friendly, because if your visitor find your blog attractive and useful with correct information in it than your bounce rate will automatically decrease to some extent.

There may be several reasons for bounce rate . To reduce bounce rate for your blog mainly don’t go for quantity content choose for the quality one. Instead of posting lots of time better post or comment only once or twice daily.That will help you to reduce bounce rate.

A clean design, good content, easy to follow navigation etc. I am tweaking my blog too and started looking closer to these metrics, such as bounce rate. In the end it’s worthless to have a huge traffic if most of it doesn’t ‘stick’.

I think first and only option is to improve your blog looks and appearance so people spent more and more time on your blog by exploring the whole blog posting. If you website have good appealing look or appearance then surly bounce rate will decrease.

Second option is add unique and quality post in your blog. Similarly highlight these posts which are very interesting and very good…

First you need to make sure that your site looks professional and it has a very good site structure, when I say very good site structure it means that there’s no broken links, contents are readily available to users, and it can be navigated easily. Also, you need to make sure that you are giving them fresh and unique articles (adding photos and videos can be very helpful to keep them in your website longer).

I may add what drives me away from a blog:

  • low quality posts that seem to have been written in Keywordian just for SE bots’ delight and not for humans
  • lack of interaction on a page (if I must necessarily go to Facebook to leave a comment, I’d rather go away)
  • invasive ads
  • confuse navigation
  • lack of multimedia elements
  • boring design
    This is not necessarily the right hierarchy, but I have made my point.

This is the major issue commonly faced by site owners.
World wide web is a very dynamic environment for every single topic there are approx 1000 results shown on google. So it is very important that if you are getting a visit then it should be fruitful and fulfill your motto. As the competition is increasing perfection is also increasing now online marketers are more aware on how users response on a topic.

To keep the interest of a visitor in your blog try to use simple English, Try to give a storyline to your words. Try to write in short paragraphs with interesting and relevant images. Try to use some funny quotes to keep the charm and for a short break, try to give live examples to which every one is aware of.

The most important thing highlight the important words or phrases in your blog.


There are lot of factors to consider in reducing bounce rate. Among these includes, design with easy navigation and controls, beautiful graphics, theme and over all site design, luring tag lines and phrases. And just want to share this, I stumbled upon this site who displays photos of hot babes, they’re decent, but personally it made me stay for a while, then I remembered GoDaddy.:slight_smile:

  1. You Should Probably Avoid Pop-ups
  2. Use Intuitive Navigation for Important Items
  3. Poor Design is Increasingly Less Tolerable
  4. Speed
  5. Is Your Website Mobile Usable
  6. Design Information Around Priorities
  7. Segment Information
  8. Optimize For Intent
  9. Be Mindful of Ad Placement
  10. Lazy Load Third Party Content

I always go for shock and ahh. To be different than the other few trillion pages out there. Although my bounce rate is quite high. So maybe not the best way lol

I don’t think that there is any one correct answer, but generally speaking posting really high quality content can help set you apart from other businesses. A lot of small businesses nail the quantity part of the equation but ignore quality. It might take weeks worth of work to create one really authoratative and perfectly researched article, but the results might be worth it if people start linking to it and you get known for that. I think the key is just to understand that any business is a long-term endeavor and you have to put the work into creating the content.

Design-wise, there are lots of things you can do to tweak your design to improve conversion rates, but the only solid advice here is to A/B test things out so you can be certain that a design fix is actually an improvement.

As a blogger you should be knowing what users are expecting from you, what they want from you. If your blog bounce rate is increasing that means your are going wrong which users don’t like from bloggers end. You might be missing with informative and unique content. You can keep your users on any website, blogs giving them informative and helpful content.

In my opinion, you should use bullet point or numbering and highlighting important content, based on your keyword. Most of reader drive to your page by using the keyword, if they don’t find what they are looking for in short time period, they will leave. just my 2 sense