How to redirect to a landing page

I have a site - - and I want to temporarily send users to when they go to And then from landing.aspx, I want them to be able to “continue to home page”

What is the best way to do this?

you can do a temp 307 redirect to the temp page first, then from that temp page after a thread sleep of x time do a redirect.

this could be the code for 307:
Response.Status = “307 Temporary Redirect”;

Can you enable and set “landing.aspx” as the “Default Document”?

Best is just to be a redirect on the page, the server would do most the work. Trying to work with cookies is going to be an over kill and take a bit longer to process than a simple redirect

If there isnt a better way, I was going to have redirect to landing.aspx.

And then change all my links that go to default go to

The above is pretty much the same as having landing.aspx be the default.

But I think there is a better way that involves cookies where each user would only go to landing.aspx once.