How to recover registrar login info?

I have a client that had multiple people manage his website and he doesn’t know who his registrar is nor how to login and edit his info. I need to get in there to point his domain to the new host I’m setting him up with tonight. I did a whois search and it looks like his registrar is which is a company he’s never heard of. Looking at their site it looks like they set other companies up to be a registrar themselves…so the question is how in heck does my client figure out who that other site is and how to get into his account again?

If it helps, his domain is I’m not sure what to do at this point. I did give him the contact page link for but I’m not sure they will be much help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



The whois should have told you the owner’s name which would give you either your client OR a previous supporting company. If your client, have him/her e-mail the registrar. If another company, have him/her e-mail them for the login credentials OR the UDAI (code to transfer to your registrar).

Yes, it’s as easy as that.



The thing is when you purchase domain name from any company who is not the registrar then the who is info would show of that company.

It happens when you are using hosting service from any small company and they provide domain name too but they are not the real registrar, the real registrar may be, Godaddy,, enom etc…

In this case, where you have purchased the domain name, you can get access to edit name server from the cpanel of that company as you are provided login info at the purchase of domain name.

I do not think so. Most host will pass on the your contact details to the registrar, infact it is automatically done. Like most hosts, we too resell domain and when a client orders a domain through us, his contact information on records with us is passed on as the various contacts for the domain.