How to read wilcome's .EMB or .DST or .PST file properties/information/metadata in PHP


I want to read wilcome’s file .EMB or .DST or .PST available information like Colors , Stitches etc which are stored into file metadata, I would like to read that information by using PHP.

I tried with function readfile() , stat() and also tries with Filesystem Functions of PHP but I did not get this information.

Can I get any help of any library which anyone knows?

Thank you.


There doesn’t seem to be much out there in terms of libraries or SDK’s that does this.

For .dst at least you should be able to roll you own.
There is a detailed description of the format here: Embroidery format DST
You can use the offsets and length given there to write code to unpack the header fields as described in this article: Unpacking binary data in PHP.

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