How To Rank Canada Sites?

Hi all,:slight_smile:
I am David Gill, New to this Forum & SEO…:slight_smile:

I am Trying to Rank Canada Sites,from Indian IP address.

I couldn’t achieve good results…:frowning:

Can any one suggest some Tips or how to rank my sites…:slight_smile:

Hi David frist you submit local directory submission and local classifieds canada with page rank and local bolg comments…

Can you please share any canadian local directory sites??

lists of local directory canada ……

[font=verdana]Although Google does look at where a website is hosted, that isn’t usually the deciding factor. If a website is clearly aimed at a Canadian audience then it doesn’t matter much where it is hosted, Google will recognise it as being written for Canada and will rank it accordingly.

What I would suggest you do first is to read the SEO FAQ, which has a whole load of information about SEO best practice, and have a look for past discussions about localised searches, because there’s nothing really specific that you need to do here that doesn’t come under the general heading of regular SEO.[/font]

@ Lina johansson, Thank you So much for sharing your information…:slight_smile:

Thanks for suggesting your views.
I am totally clear what i have to do right now…
Happy to meet you in this forum…:slight_smile:

You need to go to google canada and then check the rankings there.

The first and foremost thing to do is to actually start with the proper keyword research and then create a website with nice layout and proper SEO structure (Tags, title, pages optimization).

Then whatever SEO you will do, do it on the canadian websites like canadian internet marketing forums, blogs, article directories etc.

@ HarrieB,
I have a Perfect Keywords Which Targets my Customers, I have been doing all these stuffs,
but i couldn’t achieve good results in SERP…
Can you Suggest any Techniques to achieve some amazing results in SERP???

First you have to choose your country canada in google webmaster. then start local submission like directory and classified. if you need site list then tell me .

Please do share the Sites.!!!

I think this is good task Indian ip address site ranked in Canada first of all you find out all off page seo techniques related list local directory list, social bookmarking, blog, forum, and guest posting site and most important and beneficial techniques your web site ranked in Canada do follow blogs list and And Forum list you taking a good page rank do follow back link i hope you website keyword in Canada