How to rank a web page in google very soon

Know days competition is very high in every niche/topic. it is very hard to rank on the first page of google in some days. I am working on an educational website. my client says to me that, please rank my site on the first page of google within one month. So that’s why I want to know how to rank a web page on google very soon.

First of all I would like to tell you about SEO is not quick process it is time taking process.There is no short cut to ranked your website too quickly. It will totally depend on your keyword competition. If keyword has less competition then it may ranked within 1 month but if keyword have high competition then it will take 3-4 months.

There is no guarantee to rank a website on Google’s first page within a certain time frame. However, there is plenty you can do to make sure you get indexed as quickly as possible, like:

  1. Using a good hosting provider
  2. Including high-quality content
  3. Set up robots.txt correctly
  4. Share the site online, especially on social networks
  5. Sign up to Google Analytics
  6. Create and submit a sitemap to Google Search Console
  7. Manually ask Google to index your pages in GSC
  8. Get quality backlinks to your site

You may want to explain to your client that his request is unrealistic.

Firstly, sites are not ranked in a fixed manner. A site may come in first place for one search term, but in second, seventh or even further down for another. It depends how closely Google determines that the page content matches the search requirements.

Secondly, it’s fairly obvious that not all sites can rank on the first page. If there is a lot of competition in your niche, then it will be harder to rank on the first page. To do that, you need a site with superior content to other, similar sites, as content is the most important factor in site ranking. Presumably your client is providing the content, in which case it is largely up to him how well the site will rank.

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It seems he doesn’t understand how the site’s rank work these days, those who pay more have not come in first place on search.
The Important Ranking Factors:
A Secure and Accessible Website
Page Speed
Mobile Friendliness
Domain Age, URL, and Authority
Optimized Content
Technical SEO
User Experience
Social Signals
Real Business Information

I’d say that you will need more traffic to your website. Last year I managed to rank one of my websites on the first page of Google only with some high-quality links.