How to put hyperlink on flash alternative content..?

Just trying to find an option for our ipad/iphone users who obviously can’t see flash. I’ve gotten it to work with an animated.gif made in Flash CS6 - but - am I right, there’s no way to make a hyperlink on this animated.gif?

What would be my best alternative here – thanks for your help in advance.

I hope didn’t misunderstand you, but if you have EXPORTED your Flash movie as an animated gif. it will be visible to all browsers, including iphones ( in other words, dont use Flash) to ad the link simply wrap an anchor tag around the gif.

<a href=“myHyperLink.html”><img src=“myGIF.gif” alt=‘some description’></a>

You may want to use CSS to make sure the IMG doesn’t get a default border in some browsers.

so the only limitations are that the link will be present on all frames and be around the whole image.
I if this is a concern, there are couple of other more convoluted methods to use including image maps or creating the links as separate tags and using Absolute positioning.

Do note that there is little difference in a flash animation that is made out of raster images and an animated gif. So don’t think that Flash is the panacea to all web design issues outside the iPhone.

Thanks for your quick response – no, I have set it up to show the flash on the desktop but needed an alternative for Ipad, specifically (and ultimately iphone etc.)

I was just looking for how to add a link – thanks for your answer, seems to obvious now, doesn’t it? LOL!

My other issue is this, not sure if you or anyone know the answer: this solution above worked out perfectly for me, but found out today when someone looked on IE 8 (and 9) that now the flash doesn’t show. It has always showed fine, but now that I have this gif animation showing on ipad, now the flash doesn’t work in IE on desktop. Works great in FF, and Chrome, and Safari – of course not IE. And yes, I have to have a solution that works in IE, still the largest % of our users use that.

Anyone that can help me?

Could we see a link, or the code you are using?