How to put Adsense in Middle of the post

Hello All,

I have one wordpress blog called teluguwave. In that i want to put adsense in middle of the post. I have seen so many blogs like that. Can any one help me how to place the adsense.
And one more thing shall we place ads like this according to google terms?

There are plenty of plugins you can use. If you go to -> Extend -> Plugins, enter the term “Adsense” and you’ll have quite a few plugins to choose from.

Here is one that seems to do what you want:

In order to put adsense in middle of the post, you need to do 2 things.
One…have a wordpress adsense plugin
Two…Decide where to put the adsense.
Just put the adsense code wherever you want to display the Ads.

I use that plugin on a few of my sites and it works great.
I recommend it highly

while searching on net i got this plugin.

and i have installed this But i am getting error message “not valid header”

What to do

you can use adsense plug in to place ads on correct place. Ads should be placed in the place where visitors click often to get more revenue.

you can use plugins but if you really want them at the right spot, you can manually put in the code. that is what i do sometimes.

Actually I am very poor in coding part. Dats why i preferred Plugins. Can any one suggest me a plugin

I have also used this plugin and its working quite good for me…