How to put a few pages in helix3?

I’m using helix3. my website is how to put a button “next” in bottom my pages?like this picture?
I mean, not button “READ MORE”. I want multiple pages similar the left post “Beginners” and right post “Professionals” in home page. thank you very much.

when you click on “professionals” in home. You enter this page: here bottom this page is “prev” and “next”. but when you click on “upgraders” in home.“prev” and “next” does not exist. How to put “prev” and “next” for “upgraders”? thank you

To display Next / Previous buttons at the bottom of articles pages, then first of all the content pagination plugin should be enabled.

Then for each of the articles, the corresponding value of show pagination, should be set to Show (Yes). This can be set globally in the global com_content configuration (options), or at the menu item that is responsible for a particular article view (e.g. a blog category layout menu item can control the display for these articles), or on per article level (article options).

Do note, that the pagination will occur only among articles of the same category.

by default is 2 page for previous/next. How do we increase the number of pages?

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