How to purchase and sell Bitcoin?

CryptoCurrency are trending topic right now. On yesterday Bitcoin crossed $5000. All talk about bitcoin but few’s people know how to purchase and sell process of bitcoin.

I want get full process about purchase and sell of Bitcoin. If any one knows please tell me?

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Have you tried an Internet search? There are many articles out there explaining the process. You might do better to start by reading a few of those, rather than waiting for an in-depth explanation here.


Yes, you are right.

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You should search for it. On the other hand the much better solution is if you join on bitcoin forum.

The bitcoin is increasing in value day by day so it is the best opportunity for the bitcoin holders to make some money. There are many website available on the Internet that allow the purchase and sell of bitcoins. You can always invest your bitcoins in trade market.

Do have figures to back up this claim @DevidKing? Bitcoin, like any other currency, fluctuates up and down on an hourly basis.

It has risen rapidly over the course of this year, so the overall trend is upward.

Though to say it is rising every day may be an exaggeration as looking at the past week the rise has eased off:-

But that is not to say it has come to an end, as @Gandalf says, there are always fluctuations. The truth is, anything can happen with such a lively currency and any investment always comes with some risk.


Many of people like us are not yet clear on how does it works.

Many of people like us are not yet clear on how does it works.

That’s fairly true. Now check it out from below link

Hope it helps.

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Many of the sites where you can buy and sell will explain clearly how the process works.

Register an account with any Bitcoin vendor. You have to make sure they are legit though. It’s just like banking and buying stocks.
A Bitcoin’s value changes every 12 hours or so. So you might want monitor the changes daily.
Once you register an account, it’s just a “click to buy” or “click to sell” process from there.

yes probably using the third party is the fastest way to trade sell and purchase