How to Pull & Pare Down Data to Meet Specified Criteria

I am just learning website design. I am interested in creating a best places to live quiz which allows users to choose from criteria such as weather, geographic location, crime statistics, cost of living…etc. I plan to pull data, in real time, from other websites with permissions. While I am working on the basics of the site, I will likely need help with something complex like this. My questions are:

  1. What type of program/widgets would allow me to pull this information from other websites in real time to my website: and

  2. What type of program will allow for the data to be pared down to match the criteria selected by the user so that a ranked list of cities will populate in a table with a score?

I know this is a lot so any guidance on what I need to be looking at would really help. Thanks!Cr

Hi Randy_Friedland welcome to the forum,

Sounds rather vague and the concept is in it’s early stage. That’s OK, they all start that way :wink:

Two thoughts

“etc” - exactly what “etc” is will need to be determined.

When you say “real time” I have to ask why? i.e.
geographic location
crime statistics
cost of living

none of which sound like things that would change drastically all that often (if by “weather” you mean “climate”, I doubt anyone would make a decision on where the best place to live would be based on the weather at any given moment)

Do you already have your sources? What kind of API do they have?

Thank you for your reply and questions for clarification. The API they currently use is JSON interchangeable data output. I do not understand how that works but apparently, while they allow free use of their website, using the API has a decent price tag for a start-up like me. If I need it, I will do it though it will eat up my budget. There are other sources for various things like corruption and healthcare but this is the primary source.

You are probably right in that I may not need real time but the data source updates it’s info daily as it is crowd sourced. If there is a cheaper, easier way to pull it monthly or bimonthly as my own updates and then run it that way then that would be encouraging. The cost of living and crime statistics are all relevant but the cost of living is probably the one which is updated most.

What do you believe are the options available and what direction would you advise?

Thank you.

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