How to Pull API Data in to my Wordpress Page?

Hi All,

Just rejoined SP (I was a member YEARS ago) so hello!

I am looking to create a page in my Wordpress that will retrieve a major airport’s active list

of flights (by using their API) and display it on that page.

I will assume a few things here ( and I could be wrong):

  • I will use WP REST Feature

  • I will need to edit the functions.php file (unless I use a plugin but I’ve been told try to avoid a plugin

if it’s going to be a bigger site (It plans to be)

  • I Might Use a Custom Post Type?

  • I could display the results using a shortcode

I am not a coder or programmer…more of a online marketing guy who knows some HTML. So

I may not understand some things and ask a lot of questions.

Any help to get me started would be appreciated.

Thank you sincerely in advance,


NOTE 2: I plan to get a developer to help build out and entire site with this setup (airline flights too)

but I want to learn the essentials first…so it (hopefully) gives me understanding in working with them.

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