How to provide app store stats for external partner

Hi there,

I’m about to launch an app for both Android and iPhone. It’s build together with an external partner with whom I’ll be splitting the revenue.

I’ll be the one submitting the app to Android Market and App Store using my accounts. But I don’t feel like sharing my login with the external partner.

Is there a way for me to share stats with my partner? He needs to be certain that I’m providing the actual stats.


In itunes connect, you can set up either a ‘finance’ or ‘sales’ role user in your account, and add information that they get notified about. I’m not sure whether you can restrict the info to specific apps or whether it’s global to the developer account though, they will get sent emails detailing any notifiable info. They need to have an apple account to get access, they get sent a link to activate.

Thanks EastCoast :slight_smile: Sounds like exactly what I’m looking for.

Anyone knows if this goes for Android Market as well?