How to protect your website from these TYRANTS

Here check this out and that speaks it all

So my question is what do people have to do to not have their websites suspended by these corrupt guys that operate behind closed doors and take peoples freedom away day by day?

What will shield a website owner from them even if you don’t do anything bad. Imagine they shut down websites for fun nowadays.

Advice please. And your take on the case.

That link is broken.

I just saw that website few minutes ago. I guess they have shut the news down too. What a world of freedom we are now leaving in.

It’s not really a proper link, though. I suspect you copied it wrong. Links don’t normally have a row of dots.

Here is the correct link…sorry guys

I doubt this is an issue of corruption, so much as incompetence. The whole topic of online censorship is a touchy one, though, and could get out of hand in a forum like this. So please comment judiciously … or we’ll have to censor this thread! :lol:

Sensor it if you so wish.

I am sure if sitepoint was pulled out like those sites and your 99designs i am sure you will be happy. Won’t you?

Anyways back to my main question.

What domain registrar can protect your domain from the “no judge no jury” takedowns of websites?

What hosting companies will protect websites?

Please list your recomendations.

There can be some hosts who can protect these sites maybe. I am not very sure. But one read the rules and regulations and then can go ahead with the hosting providers.