How to protect your content?

I started a new blog few months ago but suddenly I lost my ranking on search engines, I mean my pr was zero but I was on first page for many keywords. I invested a lot of time writing informative review and product details, it all went to waste because my website is in sandbox. I put this question on many forum and seeking serious help; today my site is suffering just because many people copied my content, literally my each review is on 10+other websites. Those who stole my content have good PR( I don’t know how they attain it playing unfair games), they copied my content word to work. They just replaced my af link with theirs and using my reviews. Could you please suggest me something? is there any way to protect my content?
Thanks in advance

Protecting your content is a three step process.

  1. Ask the thieves to remove the stolen content from their site.
  2. If they don’t then find out who the web host is and ask them to have the site that stole your content shut down.
  3. If you are unlucky enough that neither of the above steps work then get legal advise on suing the thieves for breach of copyright including recovery of the income lost due to that theft.

Most times step 1 will achieve what you want. Most will not want to run the risk of having their site shut down or having to pay legal costs.

There is one more step. File a DMCA with the webhost, Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You will need to look at each for their process as each may differ slightly from the next. However, DMCAs are very effective in curbing copy theft.

Thank you for your reply, well i asked three people but they did not bother to reply back i think they don’t care at all. I have dropped emails to their web host (more than 10 owners are constantly stealing my content), I hope they will sort it out. Could you tell me how to file a complain against them in case the second step does not work out?

Alright. I will try it with my new blog as my previous blog is in sandbox. Thanks

If you blog is in Google’s sandbox and you do nothing to stop the copyright theft, it will stay there. In filing any DMCA you will need to provide some kind of proof of ownership. If older, more established sites area stealing your content, you will need to show proof that it is, indeed, your content and not theirs. That’s the only way you will improve your search engine placement.

well i think it will take several weeks for the blog come out of the sandbox. Can i protect my new blog using the way you mentioned in post, but new blog is new, started it three days ago. I tried to get my previous blog in the Google placement again but it did not work, so i left it as it is. I know it will be out of box soon because i will keep on posting new content on it. Well i reported Google about those websites which had my content alas Google did not bother to reply me back. So i dont want to take any risk with new website, could you please share a resource to make it easy for me? I will appreciate.
Thanks a lot for helping me.

Your link built too obvious. BLOG into your google sandbox was.

First of all, submitting a blog to a search engine is no guarantee that it will be visible in search engine listings.

Second, Google isn’t going to reply back to your complaint unless they believe they need further proof of ownership from you. If you have submitted adequate proof of ownership to them, they will further investigate the problem and take whatever action they feel is necessary.

Finally… no, you can’t “protect” your blog using a DMCA. A DMCA is used to report copyright abuse. If you are going to write, either for yourself or others, it might be a good idea to do some research and become educated on copyright – your rights and responsibilities and your country’s remedies for copyright infringement.

I met this problem before,
Even though i add the new content to social bookmarks every time. But it also appears the same problem.
Google will index the website article that PR and Alexa are higher than my blog site.
Now i found a way, you can post your new content to high PR and dofollow article websites, then add the article source URL that’s the backlink of your website.
Index from other good PR website is much more better than direct submit to search engine.

I use copyscape, not really sure if it is much help though. I really hope I will never have to find that out.