How to properly debug?

Hi guys

I have a form and the form is for editing a record.
And for example I try to change the content of a record,
And press the save button the form is not saved (meaning the data is not modified).

This Editing form works properly before.
For some unknown reason it’s now not working and not saving the modified content of a record when I press the save button.

So how to debug this properly?
Any php tools that you can recommend?

By the way it is under CodeIgniter mixed with JavaScript, Bootstrap, jQuery-UI etc…
Any tips and tricks to catch the culprit easily?

Thank you very much in advance.

The error_log I think is a BIG help.

For PHP, I’m using Xdebug. It’s pretty neat as it’s giving you a stack trace so you can see exactly what caused the error.

@Avram ;
Thanks dude will try that.