How to promote web directory?

I have a web directory and i want to promote it, but i am little confuse from where to start promote? what to do first? my directory is not NICHE its a general directory like dmoz. How to get relevant link and what will be relevant links for my web directory?

Do you need a reciprocal link?

You can get link from Article Submission, Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking and also Forum posting.

First question – what is your site offering that people can’t already get from other websites?

List your directory on “vmoptions” and promote it on forums like digital point, sitepoint etc. which having good traffic per day.

Self promotion isn’t allowed here on SitePoint, I am not sure about DigitalPoint but it is frowned upon here.

First question – what is your site offering that people can’t already get from other websites?

My site offering one deep link for free but with reciprocal listings, and 5 deep links 3 Multicross Categories 1 youtube video link for featured and sponsored listings.

You can get link from Article Submission, Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking and also Forum posting.

Yeah I much know about these methods but have a doubt about “Blog Commenting” I guess its spamming, isn’t it?

reciprocal link or free links?


In 99% of cases, yes!

In 99% of cases, yes!

Should we avoid these spam tricks? and profile link building tricks?

For promoting your web directory you just follow the following things:-

  1. Directory submission
  2. Blog submitting
  3. Social bookmarking
  4. Blog commenting
  5. Press release
  6. Article Submission
  7. Link wheel
  8. Classified adds

So you submit your directory to another directory. So someone goes to a directory and clicks on a link to your directory, and then clicks on a link in your directory to go to another website. What a complete waste of time and energy that is, and a really good way to annoy your potential customers.

What I was trying to get across in my previous post is that successful SEO isn’t just about jumping through a series of prescribed hoops, ticking a set of Google-approved boxes. That’s too easy, which is why it doesn’t work. Google isn’t remotely interested in helping sites where the developer has put a lot of effort into improving the site’s ranking. What they want is to help sites that are genuinely useful to real people. And that’s where a generic list of meaningless buzzwords and mindless automated processes are totally useless. What you really need is some kind of business strategy first, and only when you’ve got that is it worth moving into the murky waters of SEO.

It would be the same as promoting any other website. A good place to start would be
1- sumbit to other directories
2-forum posting
3-blog commenting
4 article sumbission
5- blog posts

My advice to you is: Build quality backlinks from sites that rank high for your target keyword. Sometimes you’ll have to pay for a link, sometimes all thats required is to ask nicely, but this is the method that many SEO experts use and have used successfully to gain top rankings and stay there. Of course, this is not the whole of SEO, its just the tip of the iceberg… but it should get you off to a good start.

Blog commenting and other similar methods may result in your site being banned from Google. They’re neither ethical nor safe.

If you want your directory to do well , it needs a USP - something to differentiate it from the other 20,000+ directories out there. submit your site in vpromotion and directorycritic sites for listing…and also do some off page activity like forums,bookmarking etc… :slight_smile:

i have the same problem, mine doesnt need reciprocal and even then not many people post. i think this is a dying niche

If you want to promote web directory then promote it by RSS feeds and get one way links. Create RSS feeds for things like recently added sites, most popular sites, site of the day, etc…Then submit those feeds to RSS directories.

Most of the times payment is a faster approach. A link broker can help you with that … I heard of text link brokers or something like that

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