How to promote myself in this case


I have contacted with an organization which deals with different charities. I asked them if they needed any web design help (for free)

and I got a reply saying that they have a weekly newsletter which goes out to 1200 organizations. And they are willing to advertise my services in there; they asked me to provide them “with some text explaining what you can provide and your contact details”

I really don’t know what kind of information an advert would include, especially when the audience would not be technical

this is wha I have, but I really dont think is correct, and I cant seem to do any better:

I Am a web designer and developer, if you need a website to promote you organization, feel free to contact me. The proccess would take 3 steps.
We would need to come up with the content you want in the website.
I would design the website accourding to your taist
I can develop the website
you could be required to buy a web hosting space, and I will help you set it up

Hope you can help


Have you looked at other web designer adverts? I think if you do, you should be able to figure out the difference between yours and theirs. Since the organization is asking for text, I’d check out some directories that give text descriptions and get a good idea what other designers offer. Then write your add similarly to represent your business and what you offer.

dam Im sorry I should have done that before posting here, I totally forgot

though I just graduated so my services would not be as “sharp” as real organizations and that I would be working for free, would that make a big difference to as to how I should promote my service?

Thanks for reminding me

You may include a little logo in the bottom or use text “About Designer”/ “Contact Designer” like this one.

you can advertise yourselves as a “Freelance Web Designer”. Then, create a mini website of your own, include your profile over there. Give it a try. Everyone has his first time and I think you need the courage to step out the first step. Good Luck!

This first step is very difficult,

you could be required to buy a web hosting space

That alone will turn many potential customers off.

How about something like:

New web designer willing to develop small websites for free for charitable organizations to gain experience. Gather the content for your site, brochures, logos, photos, etc. and I will organize it into a site with your help. If you think your organization could benefit from a website, contact me: Name, phone, address, email, website url.

You might want to put up a small site explaining what you need from them and what type of sites you can make. Perhaps link to a few sites and ask them to tell you what they like or don’t like about them. You can link to sites you’ve built once you’ve built some.

Start with a free host (I design and manage a site hosted at for a local non-profit). There are plenty out there to choose from. Your clients can upgrade to paid if it seems necessary. Suggest that they invest in a Domain Name so that if you change hosts they will not have to re-advertise a new site name.

Hostgator has a program where charitable organizations can apply for a free hosting account. Other hosts may have something similar.

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