How to Promote My business

Business Promotion is an important part of any business success. How do I promote my newly started event management company in England? Target location is UK…

Hello @leviscarol welcome to the forums. What reading have you done so far?

I’ve temporarily unlisted your topic, because your question is so vague it’s unlikely to attract any meaningful replies.

Please start by explaining what type of business it is, where you are located, who your target audience is and, as @Gandalf has said, what have you tried so far?

The more information you can give, the more likely it is that you will receive relevant and helpful advice, rather than vague generalities.

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You can promote your business through social media marketing, search engine optimization and also business local listing.

Facebook has good advertising system. You draw the target group and you can promote business for little money :slight_smile:

It’s clear from the OP’s post that they’re a beginner in this field, so simply listing tasks like this is not very helpful.

Much more helpful would be to pick one of them, and go into some detail about how to approach it.

To all posters: please don’t simply list tasks, but take time to explain how to carry them out. Thank you.

  1. Create an attractive website clearly listing and describing the services you offer
  2. Optimize website for search engines
  3. Get a local business listing with google places and yelp
  4. Advertise on Facebook then try twitter

If you need help getting started with any of them, ask and I am sure many will help with the specifics.

leviscarol , I think Google My Business Page is the best way to get listed and promote your business. Also you need to perform SEO, Social Media and f you have budget so you can do paid marketing on different channels.


If you’re looking to increase your business’s exposure, you should really get to learn and identify with your target market, this way you will find what works when it comes to advertising. For example, online businesses which sell plush cats could make a post to a Reddit page dedicated to cats, speaking of Reddit, it’s an absolute traffic machine.

I’m assuming your business is more the offline type. So you may want to consider producing attractive and informative business cards to hand to people who show even the most slightest of interest, you never know, the people you meet could very well be future potential customers. Perhaps, you could even try sponsoring other events in your area, this is an excellent way to get publicity, but cost can become an issue for some. You could also try advertising your business in certain media, such as Newspapers, Magazines, T.V, or even get the Radio Station to make a quick statement on air. There’s just so many ways. It’s all down to what you think will bring the most customers and impressions to your business.

Besides social media, I think the best you can do it to put yourself out there and meet more people. The bigger your network, the higher the chances of someone passing on a lead to you. There are many networking communities and groups out there for you to meet other business owners.

Hello leviscarol. Here’s what you can do to effectively promote your business based on my own experience:

  1. Create an online domain (website) that features contents of promotional value. Other than that you also have to provide information about the product or service you are offer and how your target market can benefit from it.
  2. Use mainstream channels to promote your business over the internet. One example of this is by creating social media accounts and post promotional contents that showcase your business.
  3. Create a newsletter about the latest developments in your business and send it to your subscribers. Of course, you must have an email list and you can only do that by encouraging visitors to register with you.
  4. Make a promotional video and post it in social media (optional)
  5. Use an affiliate tool that will not only help you generate more revenues but will also attract customers from coming into your website. Like an offerwall for instance, this tool capable of giving rewards to your visitors every time they avail of any offers displayed on that wall while you earn $$$ at the same time. Kinda clever don’t you think? Now you don’t have to place banner ads in your web pages as this will only require your visitors to get out of your site once they view that ad and distract their user experience… Just bear in mind though that this tool can only be acquired after finding the right affiliate company to help you business grow…:smiley:

Hi All,
I would like to add some more that local directory listing or business listings are very important to gain more traffic.
Define your targets, goal setting, and then perform digital marketing online.

I am agreed with UserFire03. First the best thing is that you should promote your business online because more than 80 out of 100 peoples are using internet. They also use social media. So facebook, twitter, linkedin, pintrest will be the best option for you to promote your business online.

If you want to promote in UK you target audience and location should be UK.

As the OP has never returned, and it appears nobody has any advice specific to the OP’s business and circumstances, there seems little point in continuing this. Thread closed.