How to promote corporate blog

Hi guys.

I have a corporate site with an inbuilt blog. How should I run the blog to attract people and thus promote the whole web site?

I intend to mostly write posts about our software we are selling.

What would you recommend?

Thanks all for your time.

Depending on how much time and effort you anticipate going into this blog, there’s a number of ways to widen it’s visibility. Outside the usual promotion routes, one suggestion would be to have software industry experts (preferably those with their own blog) do a guest blog post.

Have them discuss some tips, troubleshooting, ways they apply your software to their business, general industry insight, etc. Then maybe hook them up with a review copy and have them write an analysis (hopefully a favorable one) on their blog. Testimonials = powerful.

Writing about your company, services, news, updates is a good start. Something useful to users or interesting enough to keep them coming back.

You could offer to contribute guest posts to other software blogs as well in return for them doing guest articles for you.

Post your blog in social media. Submit in blog directories. Look for niche segment where you can promote your blog.

The best way to utilize a blog is to think of it as an entirely separate entity.

Your website is on one end, your blog on the other.

Now, your blog should be pointing toward the website, but not the other way around. The goal of a blog is to create original content that is directed toward a user to interest them and get them to visit your website.

You don’t however want people to get to your website (where you are going to make a sale) and then go to your blog, where you can very likely lose them and thus lose the sale.

As far as blogging, take one page or even one product and blog about that. Link to that page throughout and target the keywords and related phrases surrounding that page.

Pick a different page and different keywords every day.

If you are using WordPress or something like that, each blog post is essentially a new webpage. so with each post, you are creating a whole new page that can be crawled and indexed and found in search engines by itself (on top of ranking the blog itself) so with each post you should target one topic specifically and link back to only your site for more information.

Well there are a number of things you can do.
Write more content. If you want to increase site traffic, you’ve got to write content. People will not visit your site if you don’t write a decent amount of good quality content, and new visitors definitely won’t come back. So keep writing great posts!

Guest blog. Offer to write a post on someone else’s site. Even better, have the post already written up and then let the blogger know you have a post ready to guest blog on their site, if it’s okay with them. When you write your guest blog post, find a post on your own blog that’s related and link to in your guest blog post. A link for you on their blog, and more ability to increase site traffic.

Link to other posts. When you link to posts on other blogs, that creates a trackback, or pingback. When you link to another blogger’s post, if they have trackbacks turned on, you will receive a link .back as well in the comments section of the post of which you linked.

Ask the bigger blogs for a link.I can’t stress enough that you’ve got to do this right or not at all. You need to be polite and not beg. Start building your conversation with the A-lister and developing the relationship before you ask for anything

Here is my suggestion:- Don’t write directly around your product. Focus on writing about issues and problems corporate will face if they will not have your software (related to the area of your product). The whole idea is to bring the audience from different verticals of content.

Although I think you have the right idea, I think you are approaching it from the wrong end of the stick. Instead of focusing on problems, focus on the solutions to problems that will come from your product.

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