How to promote commercial sites?

This question: how to promote commercial sites? What are the most effective methods do you know? Besides the SEO, because for certain keywords rather difficult to move into the TOP:(
I need right now clients on my sites.

Maybe try to place banner ads on sites that are in my niche? How is the easiest to find a publisher?

Commercial sites have different strategies to promote and work for. One of the effective way to get more visitors and targeted users is to place advertisement on Facebook and LinkedIn. Apart from that you could run online ad campaigns as well on search engines such as Google and Bing.

You can go with PPC, in PPC you can reach to most relevant visitors and earn higher ROI. You can do banner, text or video advertising too with PPC.

I can advise to try display ads network , in my case it helped significantly increase traffic and increase sales in the online store.
Actually, it all depends on the individual case. For different sites will be better different methods of promotion.
What are your sites? What subjects and what has been done?

I can suggest you to promote your sites using Facebook, linked-in, twitter etc. like you can start posting of Facebook wall, fan page, groups about your sites and share your post and ask your friends as well as your fans to share your post, and gain some likes on that in this way you can promote your sites.

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