How to promote an android app only in USA?

Hi to all. I’m new here :slight_smile:

I’d like to ask you guys what is the best approach to start promoting a new Android app? I he worked for about 3 years on this app and i am planing to run some promotion action but i need to get user only from USA. So I’d like you guys what your experience. What to do in first place?

my app is an app to start conversations with randoms people and to make new friends

Welcome to the forums, @hvar90.

You’ve tagged your topic “SEO”, so are you asking specifically how to promote your app in search results?

Hi, i would want to promote my app in search results and other ways like social media

OK - thanks for clarifying. As the question is more general, I’ll remove the tag.

ok no problem :+1:

Join some CPA networks as advertiser and promote your app by running the campaign only for USA people.
Then publisher will start to run your offer targeting only USA and making other countries as void…

CPA networks like Google adwords?
i was looking for other ways cheaper than Google adwords

I a think that Google Adwords is the best way to promote an app like this. But if you need something cheaper, then social media would be a great choice. You can run a Facebook campaign or Instagram campaign.
Also, you can try to promote your app through some local (US based) online journals or blogs.
And you can try to engage YouTube or Instagram bloggers. Ask them for an advertisement on their accounts. It’s not a cheap campaign, but it would be really effective.

@hvar90 Hi. I would advise to use the Producthunt platform. I have recently participated in a PH meetup in Minsk and learnt many interesting things. But don’t pitch the app by yourself, instead find a reliable hunter and then start with your marketing strategy aimed at gaining as many as possible upvotes during the first 24 hours. Under the marketing strategy I mean posting the link to the PH homepage (not the direct link to your product there) in social media, relevant groups, communities, forums, etc. Make sure to prepare a welcoming message for PH by inspiring discussion.

thanks for answering me, Producthunt is an interesting site, i like your advise but i have a question, how can i find a reliable hunter?

Hi, @hvar90
try to look for hunters with the maximum number of connections. once they pitch your product, all his/her contacts will get a notification. some time before launching a product connect with some of them, communicate a bit to understand who is the perfect fit. moreover, you can tweet to . he is quite active in supporting and re-tweeting new products.

Go for PPC and also try with App store optimization technique. You can get your app ranked higher and can promote easily.

I created my post but I think if I do not have contacts on PH I will not have many votes.

Well, if you want to target a specific market, then your app must have some characteristics that can attract the specific market. It’s really difficult to do so. I have followed BuildFire’s techniques for promotion. Hope it helps you .

thanks, i found this info and this is very useful, so now, i have another question, someone know app stores only for USA ?

just ask your contacts from other social media to upvote without giving the direct link, just to the homepage (they should find your app via search). but prepare everything in advance and ask your friends to register on PH in advance too, because if they are new to the website, their upvote won’t count

I would strongly suggest CPA networks as well. Pretty easy targeting.