How to promote a contest?

I’m hosting a giveaway contest right now. I’ve tried contest listing/directories,posting on related forums, on facebook and press release. I was wondering whether there are other ways to promote a contest.

Did you post on twitter? Just wondering. However, twitter would be a great way to attract traffic.

Yeah, but too bad I only have few followers.

What makes your contest unique?

Well, honestly I don’t find it unique at all. :smiley:

So why would anyone want to share it, post about it, let alone enter it? :rolleyes:

Bookmark it. StumbleUpon, Digg, and Delicious are some of them.

If you have budget of advertising, advertise your contest :slight_smile: Create the awareness and attract people to join.

By posting the contest in your signature or if there is a advertising related topic then you can post it there.You can also write press release about your contest.

Classified ads might help you promote your contest.

You can buy short-term advertising, such as adwords.

What’s your contest all about? For me, posting on related forums helps you promote your contest but the contest itself is a major consideration. Is your contest eye-catching? i.e. offers big prizes, good benefits to winners? If it is a good enough prize then it should go viral

Hi ,

I guess the best way to promote any new things is through facebook and there is a simple method to go about it.There must be some community or group based on your niche/category.You can join those groups and start posting about the contest.Trust me you will get traffic and people there will be really interested in the contest.Also make the contest interesting for users so that people find them interesting enough.Thanks