How to Promote a blog?

It takes a long time, but I found that building relationships with other blog owners is the best way to promote your blog over time. Related niche or not, these people will help spread the word about your blog as you do the same for them.

I would say it works differently depends on the type of blog you have.
If you are willing to spend money, adwords is quick and efficient.

This is a very common question asked e everywhere how to promote blogs…I guess first you should do it by social bookmarking,article submission and rss directory submission…chk out this post…

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comment on other blogs, post ur articles to social media and networking sites, do proper SEO… these will help u in getting much exposure to ur blog… :slight_smile:

Rajesh Kanuri

Great suggestions you have here! Based from my experience, I update my blog everyday, submit my links to the social directories and put interesting content. Content is the most important thing on my blog.

First you will put Quality and simple content and put you blog in some famous social bookmarking like digg, stumble etc

Do submit link
Use social bookmark sites

But the best way is to build HOT content!

creating an account in Facebook can surely help as well as creating an account in Twitter. That’s how I promote my blog. Then do some forum postings or article submissions then links your blog to gain traffic. If you have some budget, you can buy some of the packets of Angela Paul’s backlinks. :smiley: Good luck!

Every things will be depend on you, you can make it easy for you but not for other people, may i say that commenting is the easy one, but no one guarantee this is the successfull way to promote your blog.

First of all make good content and title, after that publsih your link in social bookmarking sites, pass comments in related blogs, submit websit review in community forums and work in site regurly.

Get backlinks from pr2+ homepage and also link exchange with high pr is also good idea.

SEO is necessary but don’t forget that if your content is really good it will spread like a wildfire all over the internet. You just need to start the domino effect. If you have just a common blog, you will need to do lots of SEO…

I think the beset way is to build up your high quality targeted twitter followers up to 250k and you will surely become ultimately very successful

The best way to promote your blog is to write exceptional articles in your niche and expanding your network on social sites and try to promote your articles on the social sites.

There are plenty of ways, you can do blog directory submission, RSS feed submission, can write article about your blog, participate in forums.

The easiest way for me is to promote on specialized social network directory. Forums are not so good as more and more you can’t even talk about your latest article.

forum important for me :D:D:D

which forums are best for posting blogs on?

blog walking?