How To Price PPC Services

I’m taking on a small business (they rent out vacation rental properties) that needs PPC advertising (Google Adwords). How do I determine a formula of what to charge them?

I have offered organic SEO in the past and know how to price that appropriately but I have never done PPC.

I am aware of what the process involves and it looks something like this;

keyword research, assess which keywords to compete for, optimize content, create landing pages, create copy for ads, track/monitor, and adjust accordingly.

But I’m unsure of a basic formula to use especially for a small business? Do I do XX percentage of their monthly budget? Do I simply add up all the hours I think is involved initially and over continuous months and then use that as a flat project rate? It’s always tricky because you don’t want to over price yourself but you don’t want to under-price either.


My daughter has done this work for clients. She charges them a set-up fee of $500 (or more depending on complexity) plus 15% of their advertising budget.

Don’t forget to use their credit card for the account fees.