How to prevent iframe thieves?

I have a problem with a site iframing my content (flash files) and thereby sucking quite a lot of my bandwidth.

The code on his site looks like this:

<iframe src=“” frameborder=“0” width=“560” height=“406”></iframe>

Any suggestions as to how I can prevent this?

All the best

Email them and tell them to stop.

Swap the Flash file they are linking to for one that flashes, in horrible colours, a big message saying “this content was stolen from another site”.

Finally, you can use mod_rewrite (if you’re running Apache) to guard against people accessing your content if their referrer says they are coming from a site outside your domain:

Put this in your HTML files:

<script language="JavaScript">
if(top.frames.length > 0)

That should prevent any content from being displayed within a frame.

If you have CPanel (or you can do it through htaccess I believe) you can disable Hotlinking (which is what he’s doing).

You can redirect them to another picture but keep your pictures in tact.

A friend of mine did that, like “STOP STEALING MY BANDWIDTH”

The guy stopped :slight_smile:

I like the idea of changing the file… Ripping is so uncool. Takes no imagination really does it!

lol, that will teach them a lesson, even chuck in some x-rated content;):wink:

something like “I’m a big fat loser who steals bandwidth”

Thanks Icheb - It worked!

Now my frontpage is showing in his iframe instead of my flash-files.
Really nice :slight_smile:

This page has some pretty funny stories of revenge against those who would hotlink. :lol: