How to prevent Google/Yahoo to show backlinks to my site?

I created a site resellers can use to showcase my company’s products. Now I don’t want a competitor to find all our resellers with a simple search on Yahoo Site Explorer.

Is there any way to completely prevent people from finding backlinks to the site? If needed the site may be completely blocked from being indexed by search engines.

I don’t think there is any way to prevent your backlinks, I don’t know whether any script has been launched if attached with the coding and google stop showing backlink but take them into account…

The only surefire way is to remove your website from the index entirely. That being said, there have been some valiant efforts using 301 redirects.

Theoretically you could hide backlinks by constantly creating new 301 redirects to keep ahead of the curve of the search engine spider. However, this is a ton of work as it would require near daily updates. Generally it’s not worth the effort.

If you can remove your website from the index and it’s not going to hurt your business in any way, then I suggest you just do that.

I think using robot.txt with noindex attribute can stop indexing from search engines.

I hear what your saying and it’s definitely an easy path for competitors to follow. However, if you can’t block backlink searches then maybe focus on a way of making sure you keep your resellers and move more towards expansion. You could find this a far better strategy for future growth?