How to preload PDF?

The best I can find is placing the pdf in the object tag and then hiding it on page. Would this preload it?

Have you considered

<img src="something.pdf" width="1" height="1">

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Sure does that work? Does it have to have a 1px value? My internent speed is too fast. I can’t tell if it’s preloaded or not.

If you use this script i think it going to work

place it in body section in site where pdf file is

Your dev tools will show what has been downloaded.

where in dev tools? firebug?

In Chrome, with dev tools open, click the Network tab and reload the page. You can see what page assets were downloaded, how long they tool, file size etc.

If you’re using FF, FireBug does have a network tab where you can see what’s downloaded and downloading times

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