How to post your tweets on Facebook Fan pages

I already posted this on different forum accounts that i have, and still didnt get working method on how to do this.

I was searching for quite awhile on how to link my tweets and be posted to the FB fan page i make…i know that tweets can be posted on just an ordinary fb account but for fan pages, im still puzzled on how to do it…

  • “just tweets to fb fan page and not vice versa.”
  • not tweetdeck like software that i need to install and use


Posting identical content to both channels is a bad idea as it fails to take advantage of either platform [Tweets need to be short, potentially use account or hashtag references while Facebook allows for far more characters, but does not have the same tagging and preview panes a url]. You’re losing opportunity either way you go.

That said, you’ve set limitations which make it impossible to cross-post. You’ll have to change your mind on one point.

Facebook can post Tweets automatically. To setup Facebook to post tweets go to

Third party programs can post both. Tweetdeck, CoTweet, Hootsuite. There are many management tools and using them has significant benefits beyond cross-posting.

But Twitter’s current integration will not post to a fan page.

I wouldn’t do this because Facebook and Twitter each have their own purposes. There are software available, including ones that comes with Facebook, but your limiting yourself severely like the poster above me has said. It’s better than nothing, though.

I agree with Ted’s input, except, I would never integrate Facebook to auto-tweet either, the quality of the Tweet and the fact that it always sends the interested individual back to Facebook instead of the actual content you wish to share eliminates a lot of the benefit of integration. If anything I’d recommend using a service that allows you to post to both.


On Twitter, go to your account settings, then go to the “profile” tab. You’ll see the Facebook connect button there.

yes you can connect your facebook fanpage with your twitter profile by editing fan page setting hence your status will be shown in twitter tweets.

First of all, I would recommend you not to link your both profile… If you want to post the same content on each profile, you can do separately but linking both socialsites will definitely reduce the quality of the content. Anyways, come to you question, here is the link which can help you to link both the profile:

I think it depends on your needs, for me that would work since my website updates for both facebook and twitter are the same