How to post wordpad doc to elance and CL

I know someone he can save me some frustration.
I typed up an rfp on ms wordpad and now I want to post it on elance and craigslist but I need it to format the way it is, with indents, bullets etc.

Does anyone know how I can get it format correctly? I tried saving it as an Html file but it has too many characters for CL and elance won’t let you post html in the decription.


Which formats are allowed by CraigList or elance? I don’t use them myself so I don’t know the formats that you can use there.

CL lets you use Html but only up to 30,000 characters, and Elance only lets you type into there text box as far as I know. Elance does let you add attachments but I think many developers won’t open it

Then for elance would be copy and paste, and for CL save as html… and then remove all the extra HTML that wordpad includes, especially in the header.

You could upload it somewhere and just include the url in your listing.

Thanks guys,
For elance im just going to attach the wordpad doc and just tell people to read it in the description.

For cl, what Html do I get rid of? im getting rid of the green code in the head

Ok, so I used bullets in the doc, I think i need to take them out cuz it takes a lot of code torender them.