How to post link with image preview to facebook page

Hey does anyone know how to post a link to an image on a facebook page with a small thumbnail of the image. I have tried posting the link in my pages status but no image shows at all. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I am having a similiar issue as well… starting to think its not possible

Facebook grabs its thumbnails from the original website page. If you have the large photo there, it may choose to show it in a post about the page. However, sometimes it does and sometimes it does not give that option.

It is definitely possible to do as I’ve seen it done on other pages. I have facebook messaged a page asking about it but it seems they do not want to share their secret.

The easiest way is just use a link tag

<link rel=“image_src” href=“” />

you can upload a picture and put the hyper links in text format.

Paste url in update status textbox and the you can see under the URL, a thumbnail image with title and description.

try to do it in your timeline and do not press the enter right away just wait for sometime for facebook to fetch your image. But if the link do not contain any images it won’t show, if the url you posted is flash files content then it wont show, if your image is too big then you have to wait before it will be fetched.

you can do it by posting the link and mark a place then , upload the image with that specific link you can get your desired post in this simple way .

I’ve done it several times already. What I do is just simple paste the link on the status then when the image appears, you can delete the link and put some description and whatnot. :smiley:

Why would you delete the link? If the material is yours, then you would want to get traffic from it. If the material is not yours, then you should be giving credit where credit is due. If you aren’t you are plagiarizing.

I’ve just using additional <link> tag on my page to force facebook to display my specific photo when people post links to facebook page.
“<link rel=“image_src” href=“” />”
It works really well.

Hi guys, this is a common issue, and you should use the debug tool by facebook :slight_smile: search the tool, debug the URL you want to post, as sson as it shows er:200 then you URL will be posted with images :slight_smile: good luck

facebook finds image from the page url you will be posting. So, if you have any image on the url you will post, it will have image automatically and it works for me.

Hi HostingPlace, you can actually tell Facebook or Google+ which title, description/snippet and thumbnail to use for link preview. You need to include a few lines of Open Graph tags together with meta tags into the header of your HTML document.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on how these tags should look like:

Let us know whether the above solutions works for you. I tried this on one of my clients’ and it worked. For my blog, both Google+ and Facebook is pulling the right information out every time so I guess kudos to Chris Pearson, the creator of Thesis theme, who got this right. :slight_smile:

Isn’t it automatic? Whenever I post a link, it gives out a preview. Maybe it’s about the site where the image is coming from.

That has been my experience as well. :slight_smile:

Facebook will try and fetch image information off a page but depending on how things are built it can miss over the preferred image, get a bad description snippit, whatever.

As a site owner there’s really no reason to leave this up to chance when Facebook provides such a simple mechanism to define these elements yourself.

Yes, I did it many times. You just put your url in the status box and wait a minute. You’ll see the thumbnail image with title and description. or You can attach photo by using “add photo” link and put the link in text box.

make sure you have an image at the url page before you copy n paste it on fb. the thumbnail will auto appear…