How to popularize my Blog?

I need ideas and suggestions on starting my own blog and what should i do to popularize.

Thanks in advance

i suggest link building

Social bookmarks and social networking is the hot traffic source right now.

Blog Submissions, Forum Posting and Social Bookmarkings.

Register in wordpress or Post good and unique content. update your blog regularly. Promote your blog in various social networking sites, social bookmarking sites. Benefit of is you can place advertise to earn money from it and free wordpress blogs are not to allow it.

In order to popularize your blog to other readers or visitors i think you should create good content, once other bloggers or readers like your content they will surely spread the words. :smiley:

Quality content is what you need to concentrate on. When you are updating regularly with good content, webmasters will link to your posts themselves…One of my boxing blogs canyoufight.blogspot was linked to by usatoday. lol. And some other really big websites link to some of the posts on that blog.

Get writing and Goodluck !

There are many things to do to make your blog popular: first, you need to write good unique qualiy content and update your blog regurlarly, try to know what visitors want by analyzing your blog with eyes of the visitors.
Good design is a plus, i suggest you to install, there are a lot of things you could add/customize instead of Blogger…
Linkbuilding in social sites, social bookmarketing, dofollow blog (don’t spam!), signature forums, create a twitter and facebook page, ect…

Link building is important

Yup you are right as long as you know how to use these sites properly. :blush:

nobody can give you ideas about what to do, that depends on your passions. To popularize it you need to build backlinks and promote promote and promote. Remember to promote first and always update your site

Pinging your sites can also help in popularizing your blog. Ping it whenever you update it. :rofl:

Please give your blog url so i can give you details about that:lol:

I think the most important thing is that you should make your blog posts meaningful,useful or attractive first! Then, you can continue to consider the problem of SEO.

Well, not much needed. Only experience gives right suggestions in popularizing blog. :nono:

Traunraj i will give you one important suggestion. Find blogs which allow guest posting and submit at least 5 articles to every blog.
Find at least 100 Blogs 100*5=500 Quality and Permanent Backlinks.

Belive these 500 Links will make your blog very popular.

Create unique content and post regularly, something like 2-3 times a week and start to promote your content online and offline.
Online you can submit your blog domain name to directory, social news, scial blog like twitter and facebook, or you can write press release, try on article marketing writing, write guest post etc…
Offline you can share your blog address with your friends, familiar to start.

If you want to popularize your blog create good content like for example a controversial one, or something unique and then promote it using facebook or twitter.

promote it and have your friends promote it as well.

Following ways could help you to popularize your blog

  1. Write compelling text:
  2. You should submit your blog URL to various search engines including the popular ones like Google and Yahoo.
  3. Add links to other blogs in your blogroll
  4. Use the comments section
  5. Use RSS Feed
  6. Use tags
  7. Optimize your blog posts
  8. Use social book marking sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and