How to play AVI files?

I’m trying to browse to an .avi file on my server, but keep getting a 404 error.

Does anyone know the correct mime type you need to use for an AVI? (assuming its that whats causing the problem)

I’ve tried the following with no joy:


Many thanks

I have no idea, but do your server logs show all the requests to the page and show that it really is a Not Found?

The correct mime type is vide/avi. As @Stomme poes says you should check you logs.

One common error is that the web-server does not have permissions to run the video so instead it returns 404 (on some servers). You should check that the video has permissions that are readable by you web server.

How are you setting the mime types? Do you have a .htaccess file or any rewriting code that may be running this afoul?

Perhaps the video has not been encoded properly to play that format on that particular device? Just a thought…

If the browser doesn’t support playback of a particular media file, the user will be prompted to download it instead.