How to plan to campaign your website successfully over twitter?

can any body suggest me about twitter marketing strategies.what type of campaign activities should we take to promote a site over twitter?

Hi apsystech.

I have a radical suggestion: use Twitter to tweet about what interesting things you are doing, interesting things you’ve posted on your site, and other interesting things you’ve seen around the web. (Don’t tell this to other internet marketers, though. It’s a special secret we are trying to keep from them!)

Twitter is similar to the other social Networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn & Google plus where you can take the help of both personal profile & business profile to highlight your products & services to the outside world. For running a campaign on Twitter, you can take the help of Twitter business.

Before you even start promoting on Twitter, you must research and see whether your customer base hangs out on that particular social media app. Once you have found the numbers to be fairly good for brand building and promotions, you can adopt a series of strategies to promote your brand on Twitter.

Keep your interactions informal but interactive. Share content that your customer base would be interested in. These are no brainers really but very rarely are they seen practiced.

If all your tweets are promotional it may put off your followers. Ask questions, conduct polls, share your own blog posts or other blog posts that make an interesting read.

With Twitter business page, you can enroll for the launching a campaign for your websites successfully over twitter. Twitter like other social networking sites allow you to share the platform for enhancing your social media presence either through personal profile or business profile.
So, the choice of making your brand promotion over the twitter on can be made through Twitter business page.

Twitter is one of the best source for social media marketing . it will help your website to get traffic by attracting people over it. you can share your links, photos, article, comments. you can make your followers which will gain traffic for your websites. quality tweets will definitely attract people to follow you more.

Twitter is fast paced microblogging site, and it contains active people around the world which means they talked about trending issues in the different field. I would suggest to follow people that are related to your website and interact with them and share your interesting things about your site along with on how they will benefit to it.