How to place 2 adsense banner above each other


I want to place 2 adsense banners 468x60 on top of each other. I did it by duplicating the adsense code twice. However it shows twice the tag “ads by google”. It is very ugly. How can I make it to show only once in the bottom ad?

cannot be done, but you could use one 336x280 it’s also 4 ads and only one ads by google.

You can put ad units one on top of another, but you cannot make the “Ads by Google” appear only once. That’s how adsense works. Each block unit has its own “Ads by Google” text.

Actually you can do it by hiding the “Ads by Google” using some CSS trick but that would be against Adsense TOS.

You can’t, that’s the way that it looks.