How to ping a domain with custom referrer url?


I need a small php script to ping a domain with custom referrer url

eg: I need a script to ping a website with a custom referrer url ie.

so that the website would think that the traffic is from

Anyone have an idea?


Ping doesn’t have a referrer ability. It sounds like you’re trying to find a way to attack a target and find a way to disguise it as someone elses innocent website.

HTTP has a referrer ability. Ping is something completely different. It’s a diagnostic tool hence it does not carry a referrer. It is used for testing response times between two computers/nodes on the internet or any intranet network. It simply sends a packet to the target which replies and the time is measured. It doesn’t use website addresses because it is only a basic tool. It isn’t a browser like internet explorer.

What you’re trying to perform just isn’t possible.

Also if you are trying to find a way to launch some sort of attack and you’re having to ask on a public forum then I would strongly suggest you ask yourself if you’re truly trying to do the right thing because there are a lot of computer scientists and computer forensic scientists that deal with people like you every day who think they’re smart because they ‘got it working’.


Im not trying to attack someone or something, actually I trying to write my own link exchange tracking script for my won website. I do know what is pinging and attack floods as I have done my ethical hacking course.

I need some Http functions to complete my link exchange tracking script that’s all.



So first you needed to ping a site and pass it of as another and now you just need some http functions for a link tracker?

That’s quite a massive difference there. The fact that you’ve done an ethical hacking course and you know what pinging is suggests that you were in fact looking for a way to disguise your automated attacks against a target as I suspected because with your knowledge you know the very clear difference between a ping and a http link tracking system.

May be this would explain more clearly,

I know how to find the HTTP referrer in php and I need to know the reverse function of it for testing so i can complete my script.


You want to set the referrer in a http request header?

yep, thats it but i just don’t know how to ask it.

BTW I did the course for a simple reason, my website got hacked even my gmail they just transferred all my search traffics to their website and my important emails have been deleted, and it was done by a very own old friend of mine. I did the course to save and protect my websites and not to hack others. I know the pain of loosing the years of hard work at overnight.

siva, seriously the more you try to explain yourself the bigger the hole you’re digging for yourself.

I’m not fussed why you did the course, what for, etc. All I’m saying is that asking what look like security/attacking questions on a public forum where your post could be used as evidence against you isn’t a clever thing to do. Secondly if you don’t know how to do that sort of thing trying a few things you get told on a forum could land you in serious trouble. Thats all I’m trying to say. Whether or not you are a hacker and go and launch a massive DDos attack against someone is none of my business but I certainly don’t want to be seen helping and advising you in the process and you might notice that no-one else has replied here either. Sitepoint generally is a site for getting advice on how to make your site more secure - not how to use it to initiate attacks and thats how your initial post looks.

You say you didn’t know how to ask your question properly. I honestly don’t believe that. For someone who claims to have done ethical hacking you should have a very good understanding of computer terminology and how to ask clear specific questions. Your first post made it more than clear - you wanted to ping a site and mask the ping to look like it came from another. After I’ve pointed out what you’re asking you’ve then post by post tried to water it down. You have to admit it does look a bit shady.

Sitepoint is a busy forum and if people aren’t replying to your topic then there is a reason.

hmm god knows, anyway thanks for the tip.


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