How to password protect a folder on Windows Vista?


I was thinking about password protecting a folder and I found some software for that. But then I thought it will be useless if that software is uninstalled. So, what is a good way to password protect or protect a folder?

Are you referring to a Windows client machine or a Windows Server?
What version of Windows?
Is this ‘remote’ access you want to limit?

For a client computer [current versions of] Windows restricts access to folders based on the currently authorized user (the one that is logged into the machine).

Parkin, I found one way to password protect a folder, it is explained in this video:

I don’t know if it is a good way but I will go with it at this time.

For your questions:

It is for my personal PC, Windows Vista Home Basic. I have some important files and folders on my PC such as passwords and web project details and I share this PC with others from time to time and I don’t want them to access those files or folders.