How to override one specific td + first child

I have a page which displays fine in Firefox, but not in Chrome, Is it just oe of those things or is there something I can do about it?

The web page is:

The entry is family number 120, The Buckleys. The entry alongside the line that says officially closed should be split over two lines.

I’m not sure what I can do here.

Thanks for looking

Not sure I understand what you mean…they look the same to me



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That’s odd.

On my chrome browser it looks like this

Leave it with me and thanks for the prompt response

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I would bet that one of the 19 HTML errors is causing the problem. Several table rows are malformed. They have an opening tag, <tr>, but no <td> tags and no closing </tr> tag.


There are a few others, but this error accounts for the majority.

Always remember the HTML validator. It’s always in style

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Thanks for the comment. The validator I have used says everything is fine. It seemed to be moe of a cache problem which was resolved when cleared and Chrome was reloaded

Looks like magic happened!

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