How to overlay JQuery UI (x) Icon on my custom JQuery sortable accordion

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I’m now onto the next and final stage of this implementation to my website. I’ve been playing around, inserting my ui-icon-circle-close here there and everywhere. What I need to accomplish is for each accordion list to have the ui-icon-circle-close at the end inside of the header area to have it’s own onClick function so when you click on it upon this style being fixed, it should do nothing but if you click outside elsewhere on the header area, it should expand the content.

Thank you for reading and any further time in helping me resolve my problem.

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Do you have some updated code to go with that :slight_smile:

You may need to clarify the question again also as if I remember from your last example clicking the header of the accordion will open and close it as expected and you have an up and down arrow to indicate direction. I’m not sure how a close icon will fit into this scheme of things exactly?

We can help with the placement of your icon as that will be a css question but its is likely your cick question will need to be addressed in the js forum.:slight_smile:

Where is says ‘Download’ it was a link to:

I did not realise it said that…


Sorry for the delay I’ve been away for a couple of days. Are you still having problems with this? If so can you clarify the question I asked in my previous post and I will try to help :slight_smile:

Just tagged you on the latest progress where I am needing help —>