How to output microtime() results to a txt log

Hi All,

Is it possible to output microtime() results into a txt log so I can keep an eye on results after each time running a select

I look forward to hearing from you


Sure, you can log anything you like.

You’ll probably be wanting fopen(), fwrite() and fclose().

Do you know how it would be coded? I am a beginner and not sure how to add micrtotime and the fopen fclose together

Hi I have managed to fix it but is there a way to keep the result of my select query and after each resulta new line is created and shows a new result

because at the moment all its doing is replacing each time I have and not going to a new line

Without you providing any code it’s pretty hard to get some advice for you.

… but as a guess, i would say it has something to do with the open-mode you use:

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