How to open another website or blog page to our web page without using iframe?



How i avoid iframe to call this web page or blog.


Just use a normal link.


However, if the question was something like:

“I have a problem, where other websites open my own website inside of an iframe. How can I stop them from doing that?”

Then there would be a different solution that involves something called frame busting.
Best-for-now Legacy Browser Frame Breaking Script


In web.config for iis
you can add below code

            <add name="X-Frame-Options" value="SAMEORIGIN" />


The trouble with X-Frame-Options is that it’s deprecated. It’s completely ignored by older web browsers, and becomes completely ineffective.

Also: X-Frame-Options Deprecated While the X-Frame-Options header is supported by the major browsers, it was never standardized and has been deprecated in favour of the frame-ancestors directive from the CSP Level 2 specification.

Source: common defense mistakes