How to open a website

I am new in online area.I want to open a website.What should for me to do at first.

Hi rahataalgi.

It can be quite a learning curve to learn how to build your own website, so unless you have the time and inclination, you have two main options:

  • hire a web designer, or
  • use one of the many online services that let you build your own site visually, such as:

Weebly (
Yola (
Webden (
Webiny (
WordPress (
Tumblr (
SpaceCraft (
Squarespace (

There are other similar sites for creating shopping carts, such as Goodsie (

I suggest you to come to start up events. There you can see how everything is going on

Having someone build you site is just the start of a long journey. There are so many choices you can make. What support will the business give you to maintain the site. Where are you going to get some original content. Remember that original content is the biggest drawn for traffic (Stay Away From Spin software) Google can spot this quickly. Hackers can and will attempt to hack your site, send viruses, and worms and anything that they can do to make your life miserable…

Jakbeas :bouncy2: