How to offer visa debit cards?

Hi guys, I have been searching forever and could not find out how I can start a service like ikobo or epassporte whereby my members can be issued with a visa debit card they can use to reload, withdraw money thru atm or purchase products. Any help is much appreciated.

I have a feeling that you need to have a bank license in order to be able to do this right? I went to visa’s homepage and all they talk about is the products they provide to financial institution

one option is to make contract with some bank and issue cards through this bank

thanks for that info… do you know of any bank that would do this? I have contacted a few but they all were too afraid to issue debit cards to ppl on the internet. They all require a government ID before a card is issued so you can’t setup shop like epassporte where they don’t require an id.

it’s all the stupid patriot act scaring all the banks. Basically the ‘Know your Customer’ clause make it so that banks now require IDs or face to face connection before they issue a visa debit card or open up an account.

so, i was wondering if there are any experts here who knows which bank who would do this for me.

Before anything else you will need to create a full business plan for your venture and make it rock solid so banks will have faith in you and trust you - credit card fraud is rife nowadays and they don’t hand out facilities to any Tom Dick or Harry!

we know a couple of such banks, but they would consider your proposal only by presenting them business plan

You think the patriot act and protectng our country is stupid?

I dont see why requiring an ID before they issue a debit card is a bad idea, nor is it really asking for a lot. IMO it’s completely reasonable to ensure that the person that they are doing business with isn’t some known terrorist or something.

Have you looked into Visa gift cards or something similar. They work just like visa check cards, but as fas as I know dont have the same restirctions as debit or credit cards.

i recently filed for a us patent regarding a debit card program im getting ready to launch nationally. If you have questions about starting your own card programs i would be happy to forward key contact info to you.
By “Key” i mean VISA USA, Gallileo Processing, MetaBank, and Trycera.
If your serious about it, starting with the right industry contacts will save you a lot of time and frustration.
Starting a debit card program can be very lucrative if its done right.

hi … can you forward me these contacts. I am trying to figure out how can i issue debit cards that can be used as ATM cards and also be used for purchases in stores and on internet. I think i have to become a member in one of the ATM and offline debit networks. i cannot find any information so far. can you help me? what about your patent can you give me a link to read about it?

Not that this helps but from what I’ve heard this is very difficult to break into and you have to have a solid plan/financials.

I went to Galelio’s site

I think they provide a platform that can access all the networks but i am trying to know how customizable is there platform. I tried to contact them through their form and through different email addresses that i got from the internet but they never reply… very annoying… can anybody help with any of their contacts or emails?

You didn’t say where you are located so I assume you are in the US.

I do not know, but I suspect you need to be some kind of financial institution in order to issue prepaid cards.

However, you could probably partner up with a bank to issue cards in your brand name. Shouldn’t be to hard, but I suspect most will want to see some volume in order to consider you.

I searched the net quickly for prepaid card issuers and found

The card issuer (and the provider of this service) seems to be something called west suburban bank. Think it is the same company.

The web page says you can order cards branded with your logo. It is probably more expensive to order a 100 cards at the time instead of 100.000 but it could be good to begin with to test out your idea. The web site doesn’t say what they charge, but the rule of thumbs is as always, the more you sell the better your negotiating position is.