How to obtain Traffic and start making sales

Traffic – your visitors who come to your website. Some of them are comming aimless, some to make an order. The success of your site and your profit depend on the amount of traffic coming to your website. Besides, you should always bear in mind that if you want to start making sales your traffic must be relevant.

Once visitors comes through search engine, you will get sales, but its conversion rate should be below 10%, when if your keyword in top 5 position in SERP.

You will only get relevant visitors to your site if you correctly conduct your Keyword Research and ensure that you are targeting the correct type of visitors who would actually be looking to purchase your products.

In order to be successful at marketing you need to know the market needs and have a structured plan in place. Affiliate marketing is a business and you will have a better chance of succeeding if you treat it like one.

I hope that helps a little.

Daily add post on your site, and do some social media work.

Internet Marketing and SEO strategies is the best way to obtain Traffic and making sales.

Hard work needed to get quality backlinks to your site using “white hat” methods, good unique relevant content that is designed for customers and not just the search engines, well optimized site with onpage SEO completed, finally products that customers want to buy at the right price…

You have to try various ways to obtain traffic such as optimizing your site for search engine, social media optimization and social bookmarking. And for getting sales, its the content which matters the most. Have convincing content your webpages so that the visitors/readers get persuaded to make purchases.